"Drawing for me is like breathing, it's a need... a way of expressing my emotions and thoughts on a blank canvas".

Graduated in Fine Arts, in the Fine Arts Faculty of Pontevedra in the specialty of Drawing, complements her training in the studio of the painter Norberto Olmedo, where she really learns to love drawing in all its forms. In 2014 she moved to Madrid and completed her education with the Illustration, Advertising and Design Master, at the ESDIP ArtsandDesign School with an outstanding degree and wins several awards for her technique. At the same time, she makes different Masterclasses with great illustrators such as Marco Mazzoni, Jorge Sefy,... and many others. Liliana Valverde uses drawing as a synthesizer of emotions and thoughts, projecting the organic forms of the human body as a form of expression. 

"My favorite techniques are watercolor and colored pencils ... but I also like to experiment with all possible techniques, such as acrylic or graphite, as well as using digital techniques for some of my projects."